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    Freshman Advising Workshops

    We look forward to meeting you at your Advising Workshop! Each of these workshops is made specifically for Freshman starting Fall 2024. Please choose a date for your Academic Advising Workshop and complete the questionnaire. Answering these questions will help us to create an individualized academic plan to support you in achieving your goals. Please click on the Academic Division for your major and Advisor and register for a workshop

    If you have any questions about Academic Advising or have scheduling issues, please email

    If you would like to schedule a workshop at our Dayton Site click here.
    If you would like to schedule a workshop at our Kimball Site click here.


    Business Advisors are:
    Lindsey Morgan
    Cassandra Cooksey
    Kellie Graves

    Engineering and Information

    Engineering and Information Technology
    Advisors are:
    Trevor Hill
    Tiffany Scruggs
    Kendra Veal

    Humanities and Fine Arts

    Humanities Advisor is:
    Kendra Veal

    Math and Sciences

    Math and Science Advisor is:
    Rhonda McWhorter

    Nursing and Allied Health

    Nursing and Allied Health Advisors are:
    Anna Kent
    Demetria Smith
    Jade Pierce
    Brandon Hines
    Helen Knight

    Social and Behavioral Sciences

    Social and Behavioral Science Advisors are:
    Stracee Jones
    Vicki Duncan
    Kyle Summers